How to fix Elastic Load Balancer 408 Errors in Elastic Beanstalk

Recently, when viewing Apache logs for an application deployed in Elastic Beanstalk (EB) behind an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), I noticed a frequently recurring 408 error being triggered by an internal connection. The 408 error was caused because of a connection draining setting being enabled which in turn caused EB to think that requests were […]

Clone an EC2 AMI to Another AWS Account

If you manage more than one AWS account, you most likely have pre-built AMIs that you frequently use when provisioning new instances. You may be building AMIs on a per account basis, and some of these may be nearly identical to those found on the other accounts you manage. Effectively, you are duplicating effort when, […]

Resize a gp2 Backed EBS Volume on an HVM Instance in AWS EC2

Unlike PV instances in EC2, HVM instances run as if it were on the native hardware platform. HVM instances however do not support standard/magnetic backed EBS storage types. If you were used to using resize2fs for resizing your EC2 volumes, you’ve probably realized this doesn’t work with the new instance types. Online resizing of a […]

Pure-FTPd/cPanel on Amazon VPC/EC2

I’ve been recently testing the viability of migrating our datacenter instances into an Amazon VPC/EC2 environment. Due to the nature of Amazon’s NAT architecture, a few services need to be configured slightly different to work properly. I was experiencing issues connecting to the Pure-FTPd service on an instance running in VPC. I could connect just […]